sharing turtle

who is sharing turtle?


sharing turtleΒ is the brainchild of art-trepreneurs Laura Hyunjhee Kim and libi rose striegl. With a thoughtful yet irreverent attitude towards the modern cyborgian state, Laura and libi interrogate the fragile balances maintaining symbiotic human-tech relationships and investigate human and computational behavior. Incorporating critique and interpretations of contemporary thinkers, modern scientific and technological advancements, and engaging with the vast potential of the post-digital art world, their collaborative work embraces both the cynical and the hopeful.

Disrupting and reimagining technology-driven modern lifestyles through subversive satirical humor and multifaceted means of creative expression, the collaborative duo’s culminating projects challenge conversations around the Next Big Thing and intends to add a humanistic touch and dosage of sincere awareness to the hype fused technocultural landscape.



From July 1 to September 31, 2019, we are digital artists in residence at πΈπ“π‘’π’Έπ“‰π“‡π‘œπ’žπ’Ύπ“‰π’Ύπ‘’π“ˆ through ElectroFringe in Sydney, Australia.

Commissioned by the City of Boulder, our interactive relief sculptureΒ A Prairie Dog CompanionΒ (2018) is on view at the Boulder Public Library in Boulder, Colorado until February, 2019.


For the month of December, we are digital artists in residence at Welcome to My Homepage. We will be developing our brand identity as an emerging-started-from-the-bottom-now-we-dot-com and first product that will be officially be launched on Kickstarter by the end of the month in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Human Achievement in Houston, Texas.


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