our story

sharing turtle was founded with a communal spirit and a humble objective:
to offer designer solutions at a
cost-effective price, while devising
cutting-edge interventions for fast-paced technological solutions.


every idea starts with a problem. ours was simple: concepts are too expensive. we were students when we recognized the cost of technological solutions. we were amazed at how easy it was to create a new problem with every advancement.  we were shocked at how hard it was to find a good fix that didn’t leave our wallets bare. where were the options?

it turns out there was a simple explanation. the tech industry is dominated by a limiting perspective that has been able to keep the price of progress artificially high while reaping huge profits from users who have no other options.

we started sharing turtle to create an alternative.


by finessing traditional channels, designing ideas in-house, and engaging with users directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, lower-risk solutions at a fraction of the going rate.

we believe that disrupting disruption should be easy and fun. it should leave you happy and good-hearted, with new values in your pocket.

we also believe that everyone has the right
to contribute.


almost two billion people worldwide lack access to comprehension, which means that 30% of the world’s population cannot effectively engage or relate. to help address this problem, sharing turtle partners with community and educational organizations to ensure that for every solution sold, a solution is distributed to someone in need.

there’s nothing complicated about it.
good ideas, good outcome.